When you have found your ideal home within Hidden Hills, that’s wonderful! However, if you want to change up the aesthetic and make it fit your wants and needs, is it better for you to the hold the reigns or an interior designer?

At Dana & Jeff, our real estate is anything but ordinary. Hidden Hills is an amazing and extravagant community with breathtaking homes and landscapes. The homes are as beautiful outside as they are in. When you purchase a home with our realty company, we will make sure you are satisfied and feel blissful with your new oasis. Decide if designing or hiring a designer is your forte with these helpful tips

Pros of an Interior Designer in Hidden Hills

1. Designers know all the latest trends, and what works and what doesn’t within the home.

Interior designers have studied diligently the art of the home and how to enhance it properly. They will know everything from the large alterations to the tiny details. They will be able to maximize and design your new real estate to its full potential. They will know how to combine fabrics and furniture, know where accent walls should be situated, and how to make your bedroom a true oasis.

2. You’ll Save Time

Hiring a designer means you don’t need to focus on your home’s decor so you can focus on the other, more important, aspects of your life. You may have children, a stressful job, or may be traveling. Whatever the case may be, taking something off your plate is welcomed, not discouraged. Time is of the essence, and saving yours is something we know you care about greatly.

3. Designers Have Connections

Designers have the knowledge to create amazing spaces in your home; they also have all the connections you may need. If you decide to do any type of construction or need any type of additional assistance, a designer will know who you can trust to work on your brand new real estate in Hidden Hills. They also have access to some of the best pieces of art and furniture out on the market to truly make your home one of a kind. Your new home is going to be state of the art and full of the luxuries you desire, and it should have a unique design layout to go with it.

4. Designers Save Money

Many people may view an interior designer as an unnecessary expense, but they will be able to create magic within your new home. They will save you from designing disasters, if you aren’t sure what goes with what or where within your new space. Your real estate in Hidden Hills is a huge investment, so it should be invested in all the way around. A designer will create a space you couldn’t have imagined but always have wanted.

5. Designers Create a Design That Thrives Throughout the Whole Home

When you hire an interior designer, they aren’t just designing a room, they are creating an entire concept. Your home will flow from room to room and will feel aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. You can sit down with your interior designer and come up a theme that you both think will fit the space, they can guide you in the right direction and let you know what needs changes, and what will make a space stand out from the rest. They have the knowledge of creating masterpieces using furniture, paint textures, and wall art.

Cons of an Interior Designer in Hidden Hills

1. Patience

Once you decide to hire an interior designer, you want to complete your research. View portfolios and examples of previous homes and spaces they have designed. Ensure they will fit what you have in mind. Check their credentials and client reviews. Hire someone you can trust and know they will succeed at providing you with a home you deserve. Take the time to decide who will fit with your new home. This may seem like a downfall to an interior designed, but once you find the perfect person for the job, the process will seem much quicker. However, if you don’t have the time to do research and thoroughly decide, it may be better for you to tweak your new real estate yourself, especially if you know exactly what are after.

2. Be Prepared for Compromise

When you hire an interior designer and you have a vision, be aware that you may not be able to everything you are looking for. The designer will try to make everything you want a reality, but sometimes a space isn’t feasible for some ideas. Pick a designer that has a reputation for excellent client satisfaction, then you will be aware if they are up to the challenge of succeeding in producing your vision.

When it comes to your real estate in Hidden Hills you want it to be a vision. Dana & Jeff are here for all your realty needs, and getting the vision started. We can help you shop around the homes in our area and find the one that you have been searching for. We will assist you in the contract and possible loan process, and ensure you know everything that goes into your home financially. Once it is your hands, design it to your liking! We think hiring an interior designer is beneficial, but it truly is your decision. Contact us today to learn more about our amazing real estate in Hidden Hills!