When window shopping in the wonderful community that is the Hidden Hills, you want the real estate to have a certain extravagance. In Hidden Hills, there is the best of the best waiting for you to call home.

At Dana & Jeff, we want to offer you the best real estate agents with the best real estate properties in the Southern California market. Our real estate agents have been in the business of selling marvelous homes for many years and want you to have the most elaborate and gorgeous home in all of Hidden Hills!

In this post, we want to let you know what people are looking for out there, when they have a certain idea in mind when it comes to their real estate. Because we deal in a specific market of real estate, we know our clientele is expecting certain things when it comes to their new home.

Biggest Selling Points of Real Estate in Hidden Hills

Open Floor Plans

When you are looking for and purchasing real estate in Hidden Hills, expect enormous homes with amazing open floor plans throughout. One thing many people desire when it comes to the style of their home is to have it be open and airy. With an open floor plan, there is so much that can be done to make the home all your own. Many clients of ours love to have an exorbitance in the front area of the home. Having high ceilings and a large entry way shows you right away this home is unique and for the very elite. If you have read our last blog, an interior designer could take the front room of your Hidden Hills real estate to the next level.

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With the advancement of technology every day, you expect it within your new real estate property. With living in an established community, there are things our buyers are looking for that will be a deal breaker otherwise. Having the best appliances on the market, touch screen thermostats, and systems in place to control your home from a touch of a button are key. When people live in Hidden Hills, they don’t want to deal with trivial things and require the best of the best within their elaborate homes. Another thing that many real estate owners are concerned about is the state of our environment. While our clients want to live a certain lifestyle, they still want to diminish their imprint on the planet. Things our clients can do is use recycled materials in their home – such as reclaimed wood.

Up to Date Kitchens

While technology is a big factor in your Hidden Hills real estate, your kitchen should not only contain the latest technologies, but it should be fully stocked. The kitchen is the space where you will have your meals, entertain guests, and entertain during cocktail parties. Double ovens, electric stove tops, and warming drawers are all things one expects within the Hidden Hills home. Additionally, since this is California, wine fridges are a must.

Magnificent Outdoor Areas

Not only does the inside of the home have to be beautiful and unique, the outside area also needs to stand out in your real estate in Hidden Hills. Having an amazing pool area with an outdoor kitchen is something you want to consider for your Hidden Hills home. Having an outdoor area within your home makes sense when living in Southern California. Having a beautiful pool with a bathhouse and hot tub will keep you content all year long in Hidden Hills

In Hidden Hills, the real estate speaks for itself, and the amazing and friendly community is just a bonus. Our real estate team is skilled and knowledgeable about what you desire for your extravagant home. Contact our real estate team and find out why Hidden Hills is the place for you. Check back at our next blog for more perks of living in Hidden Hills!