Welcome back to our blog series all about different style homes you can find in Hidden Hills. With Dana & Jeff and by your side, they will be able to help your secure your dream home in Hidden Hills. Our real estate properties are not your typical spaces in Southern California. Our homes come with lavish additions, landscapes, and open floor plans to create your vision easily and effortlessly.

If you are in the market for a beautiful and exuberant Hidden Hills home, don’t hesitate to contact our real estate team. Dana & Jeff have been in the real estate business for many years and know the Hidden Hills area better than anyone. Enjoy real estate agents who will support your decisions, pay attention to your needs and desires, and find you a home you will absolutely adore within Hidden Hills.

In this post, we are going to go over some more styles of homes you may see throughout Hidden Hills. So far, we have covered Mediterranean, craftsman, and modern. Each has their own aesthetic you may love or one you may not be so partial to. Learn more styles right here to help find your amazing new home in Hidden Hills!


One of the oldest style of homes makes for an American Classic. This style real estate has been around since the 1930’s and is still a popular option among our community in Hidden Hills. These homes were originally built to replicate western ranches. This real estate style has elements throughout it that bear resemblance to modern style homes, because of their large open floor plans. Even though you may believe you are losing space to the home due to being only one floor, you would be mistaken. This real estate style has a lot of space to utilize and make your own. If you are interested in a beautiful ranch style home, we have one waiting for you!


If you have been looking for a real estate property that resembles the likes of a country home, then look no further. A traditional home will have a charm that will scream “American Dream.” Traditional real estate will have historically accurate architecture and landmarks throughout, to make it a one of a kind home in Hidden Hills. We have a traditional home that you will fall in love with that comes with over an acre of land and has been completely updated to fit all your needs. Be pleased with traditional features such as a fireplace that goes floor to ceiling as well as large open spaces for entertaining family and friends. This real estate property won’t last long, call us in Hidden Hills today!

Cape Cod

If you love a home that makes you feel like you live in the 1600’s, this is the design for you. The Cape Cod home style hails back centuries ago, but has an essence that is uniquely its own, This real estate is modeled after cottages, which were built to withstand the harsh winters of the Northeast. Even though we are located in sunny Hidden Hills, doesn’t mean you have to forego your dream of living in a beautiful cape cod home. We have an exuberant Cape Cod real estate property with an open floor plan and a wine showcase room. Indulge in a chef’s kitchen as well as 6 full bathrooms and a numerous amount of bedrooms. If you have always wanted a cape cod style property, call us today!

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