If you have been looking for a beautiful, unique, and quality home, you have to come to the right place. With choosing real estate in the Hidden Hills, you will be getting some of the best homes in California, if not the country. Our listed homes have all the amenities, location perks, and square footage you have been searching for. If you know exactly what you are looking for in your Hidden Hills real estate, that’s wonderful! If you are a little unsure, that is quite alright as well. In this post of our blog, we will be going over some popular styles of homes, so that you can pick your dream home.

At Dana & Jeff, our real estate team wants to help with all your real estate needs. When you start searching for property in Hidden Hills you will enjoy a community with many elite individuals, a friendly atmosphere where people say hello as you walk by, and many community amenities. Don’t let some of the most elaborate and fantastic homes pass you by.

When you are deciding to buy a new and improved home with a certain appeal, it is best to have clear ideas as to what you are looking for.

Check out this list of popular real estate style you may love.


If you like clean lines, open floor plans, and a minimalistic style, you may love a modern home in Hidden Hills. Modern homes are very reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s. A modern home may have a lower roof that may be flat or slightly sloped. You will see many simple features, such as an effortless fireplace, horizontal windows, and a lot of white and marble. Many enjoy the modern vibe of a Hidden Hills home. Check out our featured listings to find the right home for you!


If you like a space that has exposed wood beams, natural materials, and an open floor plan, this may be the style of home for you. The craftsman style home is formed from the early 20th century, based on the arts and crafts movement following the industrial revolution. Artists wanted to preserve their craft and not fall victim to mass produced products. In this style of home, you will usually see a combination of wood and stone together outside and inside the home. The feeling the home should project is comfort, stylish, and cozy. With utilizing a modem idea because of the open space, the home is more natural and rustic looking using wood floors, stone countertops, and brick fireplaces. If you are looking for a homey and rustic feel from a home, but aren’t looking for a log cabin, a craftsman style home is the best compromise.


If you loved traveling through Spain, Italy, and France, and were more so envious over the gorgeous and exquisite homes they have in these countries, you can stop being jealous and find your amazing Mediterranean home today with Hidden Hills real estate. This style of home will be simple yet elegant. The outside will usually consist of plain plaster walls, while the inside still keeps austere with accent tiles and stonework. The roof will usually be lower and a flat topped with more tile. Enjoy a space that feels like a different part of the world.

With Hidden Hills real estate, we want to give you all the options when choosing your new home. We offer many different styles as well as price points. Find the best home with the help of our real estate agents in Hidden Hills. Check back for more amazing blogs about all your real estate needs!